Large Earthquake Rattles Mexico, Felt in San Diego

Posted July 26, 2022, under Blog

Residents of San Diego were awakened by a large earthquake early Monday morning. The temblor was felt across the region, with reports of shaking coming from Lemon Grove, La Mesa, Chula Vista, Otay Ranch, Sorrento Valley, and Santee. The epicenter of the quake was 9.9 …

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Earthquake Retrofitting – Understanding the Basics

Posted July 26, 2022, under Blog

Earthquake retrofitting is a process that adds reinforcement to a structure by installing additional hardware, plywood, or framing lumber to the foundation area of a building. Once the additional hardware is installed, the structure is secured to its concrete foundation using foundation plates and anchor …

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Understanding Foundation Cracks

Posted July 5, 2022, under Blog

Visible cracks in the interior and/or the exterior of the home are often an indication of foundation damage. When cracking occurs in a structure, this is typically due to movement beneath the surface from foundation shrinkage, soil expansion, or settlement. Natural disasters, like earthquakes, can …

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Annual Home Foundation Inspection – Why All Homeowners Need One

Posted June 24, 2022, under Blog

As a homeowner it’s important to ensure that your home is in good condition – oftentimes, that starts with a foundation inspection. Starting from a ground-up approach will make certain that your home’s structural integrity stays intact and cut down on major repair costs down …

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2022 Earthquake Preparedness Checklist

Posted June 17, 2022, under Blog

Every year, homeowners should conduct a routine earthquake preparedness check around their home and workplace. Because we live in earthquake country, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for the inevitable “big one.” Take a look at Julian Construction’s checklist for earthquake preparedness below! Examine …

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4.1 Earthquake Jolts San Francisco Residents

Posted June 2, 2022, under Blog

Residents of San Francisco were awakened by a large earthquake Thursday morning. The 4.1 magnitude quake struck at 5:07 AM, at a depth of 12 miles. The shaking was widespread, with reports from residents across San Francisco and even in the Sacramento region. Shortly after, …

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4.3 Earthquake Rattles San Bernardino

Posted May 27, 2022, under Blog

Early Thursday morning, a 4.3 magnitude earthquake rattled residents of San Bernardino around 2:23 AM. The temblor occurred near San Bernardino’s town Trona, not far from Ridgecrest, and occurred at a depth of just 2 miles under the surface, east of Lake Isabella. Luckily, no …

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How to Spot the Signs of Foundation Damage

Posted May 13, 2022, under Blog

Knowing the signs of foundation damage can be the difference between a low-cost repair and a pricey new foundation. As a homeowner, it’s crucial that you stay vigilant about maintaining your home and staying up to date on all repairs, in order to avoid major …

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Changing Soil Conditions: Why Your Home Foundation Should Be Inspected Regularly

Posted May 9, 2022, under Blog

Did you know that the soil conditions around your home can affect the structural integrity of the property? One of the most common causes of foundation problems is settlement. Settlement occurs when the home’s foundation has sunken deeper into the soil it was built upon …

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