Earthquake Swarm Rattles Riverside County

Posted April 7, 2020, under Blog

It’s been a shaky few days for residents of Riverside county. A swarm of seven earthquakes occurred throughout Riverside over the weekend, with the shaking felt as far as Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Hollywood, Hesperia, Corona, and San Diego. The largest of the quakes was …

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What Causes Foundation Failure?

Posted March 26, 2020, under Blog

Like most things in life, foundations degrade over time. There are several reasons why foundation failure can occur, many of which are due to natural elements. Check out some of the most common reasons foundations fail below: Evaporation: When humidity drops, dry temperatures can cause …

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How to Prepare Your Family for Disaster

Posted March 18, 2020, under Blog

Coronavirus has hit our country hard. While it’s easy to panic, it’s more important to strategize and figure out the best way to prepare for all types of disaster. This pandemic has highlighted how dependent people and communities have become on one another, and how …

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San Diego At Greater Risk for Earthquakes Than Before

Posted March 6, 2020, under Blog

A fault line in San Diego that was thought to be inactive … is now believed to pose a much more serious threat to the city. The Rose Canyon fault runs through the heart of San Diego, and is capable of producing a whopping 6.9 …

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Earthquake Brace and Bolt Registration Now Open for 2020

Posted February 24, 2020, under Blog

If you’ve been looking to strengthen your house and make it more resistant to earthquakes, you can now register for the Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program (EBB). Registration for the EBB program will run from February 19, 2020 through March 19, 2020. The EBB program …

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Carpinteria Considers Mandatory Seismic Retrofitting Program

Posted February 20, 2020, under Blog

Following in Los Angeles’s footsteps, Carpinteria is considering a city-wide mandatory seismic retrofitting program in an effort to make the city safer. The ordinance – which is currently under consideration – would mandate owners of soft story structures in the area to retrofit those buildings …

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Foundation Repair Explained – Different Methods to Use

Posted February 18, 2020, under Blog

Foundation repair varies from structure to structure. Things like the geographic area and the site conditions can affect home foundations differently. When your home is suffering from foundation issues, oftentimes you’ll see the following signs: Foundation cracks, wall and floor cracks, and other types of …

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The Northridge Earthquake and How it Changed LA

Posted February 6, 2020, under Blog

On January 17th, 1994, the Northridge earthquake rattled Los Angeles. The quake occurred at 4:30 AM in the San Fernando Valley, with a magnitude of 6.7. During the same year, Los Angeles began building the Getty Center. Because of the significance of the structure to …

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Granada Hills Experiences 3.6 Earthquake, Felt in Los Angeles

Posted January 22, 2020, under Blog

Residents of Granada Hills were awaken by a 3.6 magnitude earthquake late Tuesday evening. The temblor struck around 11:41 p.m., with light shaking felt throughout the San Fernando Valley and nearby regions in Los Angeles. Other reports of shaking from the quake came from residents …

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