3.4 Earthquake Rattles Carpinteria

Posted December 10, 2021, under Blog

On Wednesday, a 3.4 magnitude earthquake occurred 1 mile from Carpinteria at 10:38 PM.  Shaking was felt in Ventura, Oxnard, Santa Barbara and Port Hueneme. The quake was registered at a depth of 6 miles. Luckily, this is the only earthquake to report in the …

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What’s the Process of Earthquake Retrofitting?

Posted December 8, 2021, under Blog

Earthquake retrofitting is the process of repairing any structural issues with a home foundation to make the structure more resistant to damage or destruction from earthquakes. When a home requires earthquake retrofitting, a variety of solutions may be used to reinforce the structure. Some of …

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Winter Weather and Foundation Damage: How to Prevent It

Posted November 22, 2021, under Blog

The winter season brings cooler temps and wetter conditions. And while it doesn’t rain frequently in Southern California when it does … it tends to downpour. So, what does that do to your foundation? There are numerous ways in which rain can damage a foundation, …

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Are You Prepared for a Large Earthquake?

Posted November 11, 2021, under Blog

Last month, Californians prepared for the “Big One” wit the Great ShakeOut — an earthquake drill that asked residents around Los Angeles to stop, drop and cover at the same time. The drill served as a great reminder of the earthquake threat in California. “As Californians, …

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Open Enrollment Starts for California Earthquake Brace and Bolt Retrofitting Grant

Posted November 11, 2021, under Blog

If you live in California and are in need of earthquake retrofitting, you may be able to qualify for the Earthquake Brace and Bolt (EBB) program through California. The program offers $5 million to residents in 395 eligible zip codes across California. These zip codes …

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Californians Prepare for the “Big One” with the Great Shakeout

Posted October 25, 2021, under Blog

Throughout Los Angeles County and across California, residents took part in the Great ShakeOut Drill on Thursday. At 10:21 AM, the drill asked all participants to drop, cover and hold on for one minute. “What we do to prepare now, before the next big earthquake, …

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2.4 Earthquake Rattles South Los Angeles

Posted October 22, 2021, under Blog

Thursday morning, a 2.4 earthquake rattled residents of South Los Angeles at 6:58 AM. The quake occurred near Stocker Street in the Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw area. The temblor was registered at 4.5 miles below the surface. This isn’t the first earthquake to strike the area recently …

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Foundation Replacement – Identifying Warning Signs

Posted October 12, 2021, under Blog

Many homes in Los Angeles need foundation repair or foundation replacement. Especially in situations where a property’s foundation has sustained extreme damage, foundation replacement is required in order to maintain the structural integrity and durability of the home. Foundation Replacement Warning Signs If you’ve noticed …

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Could L.A.’s High-Rise Buildings Sustain a Large Earthquake? You Might Be Surprised …

Posted October 5, 2021, under Blog

Downtown Los Angeles is made up of a variety of high-rise buildings. While you’d think these structures were built to withstand a large earthquake … you’d be wrong. Two of the largest buildings in L.A. were built in the 1970s. Originally referred to as the …

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