Own a Home? Why Seismic Retrofitting & Foundation Repair is Necessary

Posted October 25, 2019, under Blog

Seismic retrofitting is the only reinforcement method to ensure your home and the loved ones who reside there are protected during a large earthquake. Seismic retrofitting is a technique that modifies your existing property’s structure, making your house more resistant to soil failure and ground …

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Major Fault Strained in Ridgecrest Earthquakes, Now Capable of 8.0 Shaker

Posted October 18, 2019, under Blog

According to a new study, the large earthquakes that rattled Ridgecrest, CA this summer ruptured a number of interconnected faults which created a strain on a very large nearby fault system. As a result, this fault – called the Garlock Fault – has begun to …

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Bay Area Earthquakes Rattle Unusual Area of San Andreas Fault

Posted October 17, 2019, under Blog

Tuesday’s 4.7 magnitude quake, just east of Monterey Bay, struck an unusual part of the San Andreas fault. Though no major damage was incurred, the earthquake was felt throughout the region and was followed by a 3.4 magnitude aftershock. Tuesday’s earthquake served as an important …

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Earthquake Retrofitting Explained: House Bolting, Foundation Bolting and Cripple Wall Bracing

Posted October 16, 2019, under Blog

Earthquake retrofitting is a must if you own an older home in Los Angeles. Earthquake retrofitting (sometimes called seismic retrofitting) is a reinforcement method that helps to keep your home secured to its foundation during a large earthquake. Most homes in Los Angeles, and throughout …

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