California Earthquake, 6.4 Magnitude Causes Widespread Damage

Posted December 23, 2022, under Blog

On Tuesday, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked Northern California causing widespread damage and resulting in 2 confirmed deaths. Occurring in Humboldt County, houses were shaken off of their foundations, pipes burst, and many first responders were left trapped at firehouses unable to respond to urgent …

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Drainage Problems: 5 Signs of a Faulty Drainage System

Posted December 20, 2022, under Blog

Drainage issues can cause an array of problems to your home’s interior and exterior. If you own a home, it’s important to know the waring signs of any drainage issues so they can be identified and repaired before serious damage is done. Check out our …

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Winter Weather – 4 Ways it Can Affect Your Home’s Foundation

Posted December 13, 2022, under Blog

Winter weather can pose a new set of threats to your home’s foundation. Low temperatures and higher volumes of rainfall can impact your foundation and increase the chances for damage and deterioration. Check out 4 ways winter weather can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation …

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3.7 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Central California

Posted December 7, 2022, under Blog

On Monday, a 3.7 magnitude earthquake rattled residents in parts of central California, including those in the San Francisco Bay area. Occurring at 3:13 PM, the quake was centered 11 miles east of San Jose at a depth of 4.3 miles. Luckily, there were no …

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