Raymond Fault Line Creates New Fears

Posted June 23, 2017, under Blog

A new section of the Raymond fault line, which runs through Los Angeles’ northeast areas, has been redefined. The active fault, which caused the 4.9 earthquake in Pasadena back in 1988, has now been re-mapped extending to areas West of its original location. The California …

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Scientists Predict 8.2 Earthquake in Los Angeles’ Future

Posted June 13, 2017, under Blog

The San Andreas fault just got a little scarier. According to new data, one area of the active San Andreas fault line could lead to major destruction if ruptured during an earthquake. Tucked between the Coachella Valley and the San Gorgonio Pass, the area of …

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New Study Suggests San Diego’s At Greater Risk for Major Earthquakes

Posted June 3, 2017, under Blog

According to new data, San Diego is at a greater risk for a major earthquake in comparison to other areas in Southern California. The fault line that runs under the city has the capability of producing not only stronger quakes, but more frequent earthquakes. Researchers …

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