Navigating the Storm: Water Intrusion and Foundation Damage

Posted January 30, 2024, under Blog

Water intrusion can lead to a cascade of issues, particularly compromising the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. It’s important to recognize the causes of water intrusion, recognize the signs of foundation damage, and implement preventive measures to safeguard your home against these potential threats. …

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Understanding Wall Cracks and Foundation Problems

Posted January 24, 2024, under Blog

Your home is more than just a place; it’s your sanctuary. However, when cracks start to appear on your walls, it can be unsettling. Those seemingly innocuous lines might be indicative of deeper issues, particularly concerning your home’s foundation. Causes of Wall Cracks and Foundation …

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Winter Weather and Foundation Damage

Posted January 16, 2024, under Blog

Winter weather can have some damaging effects on your home’s foundation. Thanks to lower temperatures and higher levels of rainfall, these seasonal changes can increase existing damage to your foundation or deteriorate the structure. Check out 4 ways winter weather can wreak havoc on your …

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4.1 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Rancho Palos Verdes, Following Massive Japan Temblor

Posted January 2, 2024, under Blog

On Monday, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake rattled Southern California residents of Rancho Palos Verdes, with the shaking felt throughout Los Angeles County, even extending to Orange and Ventura Counties. The quake occurred at 8:27 AM, and even disrupted Rose Parade attendees. Luckily, no injuries or …

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