What Caused the Miami Condo to Collapse?

Posted June 29, 2021, under Blog

Photo Credit: Twitter Last week we saw one of the deadliest accidental building collapses in our history. The 13-story condo outside of Miami in Surfside, FL crumbled to the ground early Thursday morning. And to-date, there have been 9 confirmed deaths while more than 150 …

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Earthquake Swarm Rattles Southern California Lake

Posted June 15, 2021, under Blog

An earthquake swarm hit the Salton Sea on Sunday. During the seismic event, at least three dozen temblors, ranging up to a 3.2 magnitude, lasted into the early hours of Monday morning. The most recent quake in the swarm struck the area at 5:50 AM PST on …

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Are You Ready for the “Big One”? Everything You Need for Earthquake Preparedness

Posted June 10, 2021, under Blog

If you live in Los Angeles, you know it’s important to be prepared for earthquakes. Whether it’s keeping an earthquake kit in your house, a kit in your car, shoes by your bed, or having a landline in your home, there’s always more we can …

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