Are You Ready for the “Big One”? Everything You Need for Earthquake Preparedness

Posted June 10, 2021, under Blog

If you live in Los Angeles, you know it’s important to be prepared for earthquakes.

Whether it’s keeping an earthquake kit in your house, a kit in your car, shoes by your bed, or having a landline in your home, there’s always more we can be doing to prepare for earthquakes.

And every time Southern California experiences an earthquake, we get that little reminder that the “Big One” is coming … followed by the question, “Will I be ready when it hits?”

Even California’s building codes change with every large earthquake.

That’s because an estimated 7.9 magnitude earthquake or higher is due for Los Angeles – and when that happens, it’s predicted that some 1,500 buildings in Los Angeles could collapse, while another 300,000 structures could face severe damage.

Luckily, with a few extra proactive precautions you can protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of the next large earthquake. Check out our tips for earthquake preparedness below:

  1. Have your foundation inspected and retrofitted for earthquakes: If you own a home or an apartment building in Los Angeles, it’s important to have the structure inspected for foundation damage and retrofitted for earthquakes. Earthquake retrofitting is the process of adding additional hardware and reinforcement to your home’s foundation. This helps keep the structure secured to its foundation and can prevent it from suffering extreme damage or collapsing in the face of a large earthquake. It also improves the home’s ability to keep its residents safe during the quake and the house habitable after the disaster. In addition to retrofitting measures, consider your insurance policies and see if your home is covered for disasters (flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes and etc.)


  1. Make your interior safer: Secure large pieces of furniture to your walls and floors with fasteners and remove any loose items that would be likely to fall and shatter during the shaking. Keep a fire extinguisher in an easily accessible area and know where your home’s electrical panel is, and which switches will turn off power to prevent electrical fires. Also have an evacuation plan handy, noting which spaces are safe in your home and which evacuation routes to take.


  1. Keep emergency supplies: In the event of a large earthquake, you’ll want to make sure your family has enough drinking water for each person and pet for at least three days. Keep canned food (with easy open lids or a can opener) stocked, in addition to first aid supplies and family medications.


  1. Make copies of important documents: You’ll want to store your important documents in a protected area – like a safe – in addition to having copies of your home’s deed, birth certificates, passports, ID’s and driver’s licenses. Scanning these items and uploading them on a Google Drive is a great way to ensure they don’t get lost.


  1. Watch for Tsunami warnings: If you live near the coast, it’s especially important that you have access to a wireless radio to listen for tsunami alerts. If one is issued, you’ll want to move to higher ground, at least two miles away.


  1. Plan for your pets: Keep pet carries in your home in case of evacuation and make sure you have pet food and medication handy.


  1. Know your neighbors: If a major earthquake hits, you’ll want to know your neighbors in order to help organize local efforts. You should also keep a list of emergency contacts, and information for local shelters and relief centers in your emergency kit.


If you think your home is in need of earthquake retrofitting, contact Julian Construction today and we will send one of our foundation specialists out to conduct a free, thorough inspection with a quote for repair.

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