Downpours and Flooding in Los Angeles

Posted December 22, 2023, under Blog

This week, torrential downpours and flooding caused chaos in Los Angeles. Heavy overnight rain left many streets in and around Los Angeles flooded, leaving the roadways a mess.

One of the most impacted areas was flooding that occurred under a railroad bridge in Boyle Heights, which prompted officials to close Soto Street. At its highest point, the water under the bridge measured 4 to 5 feet deep!

One motorist was stuck for several minutes, but eventually got the car through the flooded area. Luckily the driver and passengers were all OK.

The storm also caused multiple collisions on the 101 Freeway and one driver was hospitalized overnight.

Luckily, it seems the severe weather has moved offshore for the most part, and residents can expect drier conditions over the holidays.

“We’re not going to see widespread blanket rain. Certainly not through Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties but a pop-up thunderstorm over these saturated areas could still cause some issues,” KTLA meteorologist Henry DiCarlo said about the heavy rains.

Thanks to El Nino, now is the time to prepare for more wet weather events and to be able to spot the signs of water damage early.

“More than any other threat to a foundation, water damage shows up again and again as the most common problem,” says Julian Construction founder Julian De La Torre.

If you think your home is suffering from water damage, drainage issues, or in need of foundation repair or replacement, contact Julian Construction today and we will send one of our foundation specialists out to conduct a free, thorough inspection with a quote for repair.

We have extensive experience serving our Los Angeles community and nearby regions. In fact, Julian Construction has inspected over 30,000 structures in the area!

Julian Construction was formed in 1994 and our focus has always been on building and maintaining foundations, doing foundation repair and replacement, earthquake retrofitting, and house leveling.

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