California Earthquake Risk – What Are the Threats?

Posted August 26, 2021, under Blog

California is known for its beautiful landscape … and its active fault lines. So what earthquake risk does our Golden State really have? The L.A. Times broke down a few of the biggest threats facing California if a major earthquake were to strike. Check out …

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Foundation Replacement 101

Posted August 19, 2021, under Blog

Does your home need foundation replacement? If your property’s foundation is cracked or damaged – beyond repair – oftentimes, foundation replacement is the best solution for maintaining the structural integrity of your property. When foundation repair is needed, a trusted and qualified foundation contractor (like …

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Wall Cracks – What Do They Mean?

Posted August 11, 2021, under Blog

Does your home suffer from cracks in the wall? It’s probably the last thing you want to see as a homeowner. While your first instinct may be to fill the cracks, it’s important that you have a foundation repair company come out to properly inspect …

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Earthquake Retrofitting – The Guide

Posted August 3, 2021, under Blog

Did you know that more than 1 million homes in California still need to undergo earthquake retrofitting? If you own an older home in California, or recently purchased an older property, chances are you house is lacking the modern seismic safeguards to protect it from …

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