Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are constructed for many purposes including soil containment (to prevent the soil’s down-slope movement and soil erosion), or to create a flat, usable areas and living spaces, and the construction of below grade structures, like basements.

A failing retaining wall can be replaced by Julian Construction.

With over 20 years of experience in structural and concrete work and extensive expertise in retaining wall construction, you can be sure to get a strong and solid retaining wall that performs its intended purpose, and is built to last.

In the event your retaining wall is subject to more rigorous building code requirements, as in the case of a retaining wall that is greater than 4 feet in height, we can provide permitting services. If a permit is needed, we can help with both engineering and grading requirements as well as a Geologic and Soils Engineering Report.

Depending on the purpose of the retaining wall construction and the particular needs of the job site, Julian Construction can build a Concrete Block Retaining Wall or a Poured-in-Place Retaining Wall.

​Poured-in-Place Retaining Wall:

This type of retaining wall is built according to the dimensions specified in the construction plan. It is properly reinforced with steel and filled with concrete. Poured-in-place retaining walls could be poured plain / smooth-faced or with a variety of designs such as stone for aesthetic purposes.

Concrete Block Retaining Wall:

A concrete block retaining wall is constructed by using hollow core CMUs (Concrete Masonry Units) reinforced blocks with steel and then filled with concrete.

For an accurate and cost effective retaining wall solution, give us a call at 323-733-3377 for a free and no obligation inspection.


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