When Your Interior Foundation Needs Repair or Replacement

Your home’s foundation system is the most important component of its structural system — and the interior part of the foundation system often gets overlooked.

Like many man-made objects, the interior foundations can deteriorate over time. For example, when your home’s pier post system settles at different rates, that’s when issues like uneven and/or sinking floors, drywall cracks, tight interior doors, gaps in the baseboard and finish floor, and noisy floors can occur.

Ponding water — due to drainage, water leaks or sewer breaks — cause movement in your foundation posts. This can also occur if posts were spaced too far apart in the original construction or have undersized beams above.

It’s always good idea to have your home inspected to ensure it’s sitting on a structurally sound pier post and girder system. Oftentimes, after years of plumbing or sewer repairs on a home, wood members are notched and cut, making them structurally week or substandard. Only a complete inspection of your foundation will reveal the unnoticed problems.

It’s important to note that homes that have been constructed or repaired with over-spaced piers that lack proper pad imbedment or have under-sized girders may need immediate attention.

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foundation repair

foundation repair

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