Raymond Fault Line Creates New Fears

Posted June 23, 2017, under Blog

A new section of the Raymond fault line, which runs through Los Angeles’ northeast areas, has been redefined.

The active fault, which caused the 4.9 earthquake in Pasadena back in 1988, has now been re-mapped extending to areas West of its original location.

The California Geological Survey sent out a revised map of the Raymond fault, adding more areas of Los Angeles like Eagle Rock, Glassell Park and Highland Park within its zone.

Not only has the active area already released  fairly large earthquakes, seismologists estimate the fault line is capable of producing a size 7 quake.

If such an event occurred, we could see massive damage, injury and even death in and around northeast areas of Los Angeles and, now, locations west of the original fault zone. Seismologists also argue that such an earthquake could set off the Hollywood fault, adding more chaos to some of L.A.’s most densely populated areas.

Nevertheless, Los Angeles is committed to improving earthquake safety. New laws and regulations have ensured that older buildings throughout the city undergo retrofits and an early earthquake warning system is close to completion.

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