Water Damage: How to Spot the Signs

Posted March 3, 2022, under Blog

Did you know that water damage can affect both the interior and exterior of your home? When a house is suffering from prolonged water damage, this can eventually create foundation problems. There are many ways moisture can infiltrate your home and cause damage. Any water …

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How to Repair Foundation Cracks

Posted February 24, 2022, under Blog

Have you noticed any foundation cracks around your home? There are three main methods for repairing foundation cracks – epoxy injections, strapping and underpinning. Epoxy injections: Epoxy injections are known for their toughness, excellent adhesion, low shrinkage and resistance. These types of injections are the …

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What is a Sister Foundation?

Posted February 18, 2022, under Blog

A sister foundation is a foundation repair method that builds a new foundation around an already existing foundation. This type of foundation repair method is especially useful for homes that were built using masonry or stone foundations. When an existing home foundation becomes weak, a …

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3.9 Earthquake Rocks Ventura County

Posted February 11, 2022, under Blog

On Thursday, a 3.9 earthquake rattled residents in central Ventura County. The quake occurred at 4:25 PM, at a depth of 14 miles, between the cities of Santa Paula and Ojai. The shaking was felt as far as Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties. Several …

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Earthquake Rattles Central Los Angeles

Posted February 10, 2022, under Blog

On Tuesday, a 2.87 earthquake rattled Central Los Angeles, near the Silver Lake area. The quake occurred at 7:38 AM and was centered roughly 2 miles from Echo Park and 2.5 miles from Hollywood. While there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage, many …

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Foundation Problems: How to Identify Warning Signs

Posted January 28, 2022, under Blog

Foundation problems don’t happen overnight. Oftentimes, there are visible warning signs that a home’s foundation is damaged or deteriorating. If you own a home, it’s extremely important to monitor your foundation. When foundation problems are diagnosed early, repairs tend to be lower in cost. However, …

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Earthquake Risk in Los Angeles: What’s The Chance of Getting Hit Hard

Posted January 21, 2022, under Blog

If you live in Los Angeles, chances are you’ve experienced your fair share of earthquakes. While we’re always hearing that the “Big One” is inevitably coming for Southern California, what are the actual chances of getting hit hard? The San Andreas Fault Well, to understand …

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Temecula Region Rattled By 3.3 Magnitude Earthquake

Posted January 11, 2022, under Blog

On Saturday, a 3.3 magnitude earthquake rocked the Temecula region. The temblor was reported at 3:36 PM, 12 miles from Temecula. This isn’t the first quake to rattle the area in the past 10 days – there have been two other earthquakes of a magnitude …

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House Leveling Los Angeles: Everything to Know

Posted January 7, 2022, under Blog

If you live in Los Angeles, chances are your foundation may become sloped or uneven over time, causing the need for house leveling. Why does this happen? Thanks to California’s active seismic zones, and the expansive soil that these areas rest below, structural foundations tend …

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