New Study Finds Los Angeles Buildings More Susceptible to Earthquake Damage

Posted July 10, 2018, under Blog

Los Angeles, it’s time to get serious about earthquake safety. According to a new project from CyberShake, they’ve identified how earthquake shaking will actually affect Los Angeles’ most at-risk buildings. Based on their recent findings, Los Angeles’ homes and structures are expected to see an …

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Julian Stabilizing Foundations with Helical Piles

Posted June 21, 2018, under Blog

Helical piers, also known as helical piles, screw piles and helical anchors, help secure new foundations to the ground. They can also be used to strengthen and stabilize existing foundations. The word “helix” means having a spiral shape. A pile or pier is a long …

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The Next Big Earthquake Estimated to Displace Up to 400,000 Californians

Posted June 4, 2018, under Blog

We know the “Big One” is coming for California. While it’s important to take all of the necessary steps to protect your loved ones and your home from earthquake damage, sometimes even the most prepared residents will face losses. In fact, it’s estimated that 250,000 …

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San Andreas Fault Produces 4.5 Magnitude Earthquake, Felt Throughout Southern California

Posted May 8, 2018, under Blog

Residents near Riverside County were violently awakened by a 4.5 magnitude earthquake early Tuesday morning. Occurring at 4:49 a.m., the temblor hit the Cabazon area with the epicenter near the Morongo Indian Reservation. The quake occurred on a section of the San Andreas fault line …

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West Hollywood Makes Moves to Retrofit 800 Buildings at Risk of Collapse

Posted May 4, 2018, under Blog

West Hollywood is ready to get serious about earthquake safety. According to a new city retrofit list, there are more than 800 buildings that are at risk of collapse or significant damage if a large earthquake were to occur. Of the 800 buildings surveyed, 80% …

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New Study Finds Hayward Fault More Dangerous Than San Andreas

Posted April 19, 2018, under Blog

Earthquake country just got a little scarier. According to a new study, the Hayward fault line that runs under Oakland, California is believed to be more dangerous than the infamous San Andreas fault line that spans Southern California. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that a …

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California Takes Major Steps to Seismic Safety After Mexico Earthquakes

Posted March 31, 2018, under Blog

Last year’s devastating earthquakes in Mexico have prompted cities across California to take real action for seismic safety. For the first time – in nearly a generation – cities across Southern California have started to identify seismically vulnerable buildings in each area. “What happened last …

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Are You Living in an Earthquake Hazard Zone? New Map Shows Places At Risk

Posted March 30, 2018, under Blog

Thanks to a new interactive map, it’s easier to see if you’re living in a California earthquake hazard zone. The Geological Survey shared an interactive map online this week, that allows you to see if you’re living in a zone more prone to earthquake damage …

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Early Earthquake Warning System Makes Financial Headway

Posted March 23, 2018, under Blog

On Thursday, lawmakers proposed $22.9 million for the early earthquake warning system, which is currently under construction on the West Coast. The new proposed budget doubles last year’s budget of $10.2 million. “The significant funding provided in the bill will help ensure that the West …

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