Earthquake Swarm Felt Throughout Inland Empire

Posted June 4, 2019, under Blog

Residents of Riverside county might be feeling like they’re living on shaky ground. An earthquake swarm rattled the region on Sunday and continued into the early hours of Monday. The U.S. Geological Survey reported that the temblors were felt throughout the Inland Empire, with earthquake …

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Fixing Concrete Home Foundation Problems

Posted May 23, 2019, under Blog

As a homeowner, it’s important to take any signs of foundation problems seriously. Foundation problems can create structural damage within your home and, when left unchecked and unrepaired, they can be very expensive to remedy. If you’re concerned about foundation problems in your home, first …

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Does Your Home Need Foundation Replacement or Foundation Repair?

Posted May 14, 2019, under Blog

When it comes to foundation replacement or foundation repair, it’s important to find a solution that you only need to take care of once. Before any work is started on your home, it’s vital that you’ve found a reliable foundation specialist to diagnose the issues …

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Increased Seismic Activity Due to Snowmelt in California

Posted May 2, 2019, under Blog

There’s been an increase in seismic activity throughout California thanks to the surge in rain and snow. The new data was presented by the U.S. Geological Survey earlier this week, which tracked a swarm of earthquakes in 2017 near the Mammoth Mountain area. The research …

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14 Percent of Soft-Story Structures in L.A. Now Comply With Seismic Retrofit Law, Zero Progress on Concrete Buildings

Posted April 19, 2019, under Blog

Since 2015, 14 percent of the soft-story structures in Los Angeles are now compliant with seismic retrofit law. While this is great news for residents in these vulnerable structures, there has been zero progress in seismic retrofits for concrete structures. Mayor Eric Garcetti signed the …

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New Map Shows Most At-Risk Earthquake Areas in California

Posted April 11, 2019, under Blog

The California Department of Conservation released a new map showing the most at-risk earthquake areas throughout California. In addition to highlighting which regions in the Golden State are considered “hazard zones” based on their relation to the fault lines that makeup the area, it also …

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Scientists Say California’s Earthquake Drought Coming to An End

Posted April 4, 2019, under Blog

California’s earthquake drought won’t last forever. According to new data by the USGS, the century between 1919 and 2018 is the only 100-year period in over the past 1,000 years where there hasn’t been an earthquake large enough along one of its active faults to …

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West Hollywood Working with Landlords to Reduce Earthquake Retrofitting Costs

Posted April 3, 2019, under Blog

There’s good news for building owners in West Hollywood. The City of West Hollywood announced Monday they will be looking into several options to reduce the costs to landlords of retrofitting vulnerable apartment buildings in the area. The city recently joined the likes of Los …

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Pasadena City Council Approves Soft Story Retrofit Ordinance

Posted March 14, 2019, under Blog

Pasadena is about to become a much safer place to live. The city counsel recently passed a new soft story retrofit ordinance law which will mandate the retrofit of older, wood-frame residential buildings that were built between the ‘20s and ‘70s. While originally given 5 …

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