LA County at Greater Risk for Flooding in Next 30 Years

Posted December 20, 2021, under Blog

According to a new report from First Street, a nonprofit flood assessment agency, 1 in 5 properties in Los Angeles County are at risk of flooding in the next 30 years.

That’s a whopping 20% of properties that could flood in the next 30 years from extreme weather conditions.

While Los Angeles and other regions of Southern California have been experiencing drought conditions, weather services predict weather pattern changes – which means stronger storms are coming to Los Angeles.

As it stands, there are 132,046 properties in Los Angeles that are currently at risk of flooding … and experts expect that number to increase by 1.3% in 15 years and 2.6% in 30 years.

Most floods in Los Angeles are not caused by rising sea levels, but extreme rainfall which causes flash floods.

“Precipitation patterns themselves are not increasing over the next 30 years. Instead, we’re seeing extreme rainfall events becoming more commonplace,” Dr. Jeremy Porter, First Street’s head of research and development, said about the new data. “That’s where we see the bulk of the risk in L.A.,” he continued, stating that Norwalk and Gardena are at especially high risk.

Recent burn areas in and around Los Angeles County are also at an increased risk for flooding, mud, and debris flow. Current areas of concern include:

  • Bobcat Fire (September 2020)
  • Lake Fire (August 2020)
  • Ranch2 Fire (August 2020)
  • Saddle Ridge Fire (October 2019)
  • Woolsey Fire (November 2018)

In flood situations, a home’s foundation can become compromised by the impact of excessive water around the structure.

“The most significant damage from flooding is caused by the impact of swiftly moving water to your home. The water crashes into the sides of the building, undermining the structure and if the foundation pilings aren’t properly installed, they can shift, break, and can even separate the house from the foundation, causing extreme structural and foundation damage,” Julian De La Torre, founder of Julian Construction, Inc., said about the damaging effects of flood water.

“The stronger the flood, the more damage can be done. Water traveling at only 10 miles an hour has the same force as wind traveling at 270 miles an hour. Aside from damage to the outer walls; electrical wiring, flooring, and pipes can also be damaged by flooding,” he added.

With the latest batch of storms to hit Los Angeles, it’s important to be proactive about your home and all home repairs — which means spotting any indication of water damage early.

“Not all flood damage is obvious. Aside from the noticeable types of flood damage – (puddles of water on the ground) some of the signs of flooding on the inside of a building include; mold or mildew smells or visible growth, humid air, condensation on the walls, pipes, or floor, cracks in the walls, swollen doors, door jambs, or windows, rust, wood rot, silt or efflorescence (white powdery residue) on the floor and in the corners of room,” Julian explained. “If you see any of the above signs or have recently had flooding in the area and you suspect it has caused damage to your home, you should schedule an inspection by a qualified foundation contractor to check for flood damage and to determine what, if any, foundation repair needs to be done.”

If you think your home is in need of foundation repair, foundation replacement and/or earthquake retrofitting, contact Julian Construction today and we will send one of our foundation specialists out to conduct a free, thorough inspection with a quote for repair.

We have extensive experience serving our Los Angeles community and nearby regions. In fact, Julian Construction has inspected over 30,000 structures in the area!

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