House Leveling Los Angeles: Everything to Know

Posted January 7, 2022, under Blog

If you live in Los Angeles, chances are your foundation may become sloped or uneven over time, causing the need for house leveling.

Why does this happen? Thanks to California’s active seismic zones, and the expansive soil that these areas rest below, structural foundations tend to shift or sink as the years go by. This type of shifting is known as foundation settlement, which makes house leveling in Los Angeles essential.

What are some of the signs of foundation settlement? When a house becomes unleveled, a homeowner will typically see signs of foundation damage like uneven floors, cracked walls and ceilings, or doors and windows that do not open or close correctly.

Fortunately, there are a number of methods of house leveling. If your leveling issues are the result of foundation settlement, your foundation repair contractor will most likely use a jack to raise your home to a level position.

While your home is raised, the contractor will examine the root of the home’s foundation settlement and implement a solution, so the problem does not persist.

Other times, a foundation specialist may suggest installing house leveling supporters. This is done by fitting metal or concrete supports into the foundation. These support systems can be driven into the ground or installed under the home, in the crawl space, to support the structure’s weight.

When foundation settlement is not the root cause, house leveling issues can arise from rotten wood. In this situation, the foundation repair contractor will replace the wooden joists that are used to strengthen the home’s foundation, which will allow the foundation to rest more evenly on the ground.

Because expansive soil is an extremely commen type of dirt in California, it’s essential that homeowners maintain their house leveling by managing the home’s irrigation systems to ensure standing or pooling water does not affect the foundation.

When the soil underneath a home becomes oversaturated with water, this can cause it to shift which makes the foundation structurally unbalanced.

If you think your home is in need of house leveling, foundation repair, foundation replacement and/or earthquake retrofitting, contact Julian Construction today and we will send one of our foundation specialists out to conduct a free, thorough inspection with a quote for repair.

We have extensive experience serving our Los Angeles community and nearby regions. In fact, Julian Construction has inspected over 30,000 structures in the area!

Julian Construction was formed in 1994 and our focus has always been on building and maintaining foundations, doing foundation repair and replacement, earthquake retrofitting, and house leveling.

When you work with Julian Construction, you get the principles of the company and the workers of Julian Construction under your home.

And in order to keep foundation repair affordable for our customers, we offer a price guarantee — because we know our quote for repair will represent your very best value.

Give us a call at (323) 733-3377 to schedule your free inspection or complete the inspection request form

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