High-Rise in San Francisco Continues to Sink

Posted September 16, 2021, under Blog

In San Francisco, repairs to fix a luxury high-rise foundation from sinking further into the earth, and to stop the structure from tilting, was recently put on hold. The $100 million project was halted after it was determined that the building had sunk another inch …

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Massive Earthquake Strikes Mexico

Posted September 9, 2021, under Blog

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico late Tuesday, which caused widespread, intense shaking. It was felt as far away as Mexico City. The temblor resulted in the death of one person. The quake occurred eight miles from the resort city of Acapulco. And over 92 …

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California Earthquake Risk – What Are the Threats?

Posted August 26, 2021, under Blog

California is known for its beautiful landscape … and its active fault lines. So what earthquake risk does our Golden State really have? The L.A. Times broke down a few of the biggest threats facing California if a major earthquake were to strike. Check out …

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Foundation Replacement 101

Posted August 19, 2021, under Blog

Does your home need foundation replacement? If your property’s foundation is cracked or damaged – beyond repair – oftentimes, foundation replacement is the best solution for maintaining the structural integrity of your property. When foundation repair is needed, a trusted and qualified foundation contractor (like …

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Wall Cracks – What Do They Mean?

Posted August 11, 2021, under Blog

Does your home suffer from cracks in the wall? It’s probably the last thing you want to see as a homeowner. While your first instinct may be to fill the cracks, it’s important that you have a foundation repair company come out to properly inspect …

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Earthquake Retrofitting – The Guide

Posted August 3, 2021, under Blog

Did you know that more than 1 million homes in California still need to undergo earthquake retrofitting? If you own an older home in California, or recently purchased an older property, chances are you house is lacking the modern seismic safeguards to protect it from …

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Foundation Repair: How to Break Down the Cost

Posted July 14, 2021, under Blog

If you’ve noticed cracks or sloping floors in your home, it’s probably time for foundation repair. On average, foundation repair can run anywhere from $2,500 to $8,000. And when foundation problems are caught early, you can save thousands of dollars on the repair. So, what …

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6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Northern California, Hundreds of Aftershocks Reported

Posted July 9, 2021, under Blog

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake rocked residents nearby the California – Nevada state boarder in Lake Tahoe on Thursday. Occurring just before 4:00 PM, the temblor struck South Lake Tahoe on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada. The scary shaker was followed by hundreds of …

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What Caused the Miami Condo to Collapse?

Posted June 29, 2021, under Blog

Photo Credit: Twitter Last week we saw one of the deadliest accidental building collapses in our history. The 13-story condo outside of Miami in Surfside, FL crumbled to the ground early Thursday morning. And to-date, there have been 9 confirmed deaths while more than 150 …

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