5 Reasons to Earthquake Retrofit Your Home Today

Posted November 15, 2019, under Blog

If you own a home or an apartment building, it’s important to have your property inspected for any necessary earthquake retrofits or upgrades.

Like most things in life, structures degrade over time. Different variables can affect the foundation of a structure, especially when it comes to changes in climate temperatures, soil conditions or outdated construction methods.

When it comes to earthquake safety, many structures (especially in Los Angeles) are still lacking the necessary safeguards to withstand the shaking from a large quake.

These additions are known as earthquake retrofits — also called seismic retrofits — which is the process of adding more resistance to an existing structure’s foundation to strengthen weak connections.

Here are 5 reasons to earthquake retrofit your home today:

  1. Retrofitting provides additional safety and security to those who reside in the property.
  2. Retrofitting your home will increase the value of the property and save you from paying for expensive earthquake damage down the road.
  3. There’s a potential to have your insurance premium decrease.
  4. Retrofitting creates a more energy efficient and sustainable structure.
  5. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home will be safer in an earthquake.

If you own an older home, you should have your property inspected by a foundation specialist right away.

Properties that were built before modern structural codes – especially those before 1985 – typically need some sort of seismic retrofitting to bring the structure up to date.

Homes, apartments or commercial buildings lacking seismic retrofits have a much greater chance of experiencing seismic failure during an earthquake. When this happens, the intense shaking from an earthquake will displace the property from its foundation or, worse yet, cause the building to crack or collapse.

Seismic retrofitting not only protects the structure from natural degradation and natural disasters (like earthquakes), most retrofitting jobs can be completed in a week.

If you think you own a home or an apartment building that needs earthquake retrofitting, contact Julian Construction today.

You can schedule a free inspection with us, where we’ll send over one of our qualified foundation specialists to inspect and analyze the area in order to determine the best way to strengthen the building.

To schedule a free inspection with Julian Construction, click here or call us now at 877-407-3876. A representative will review the information you provide and contact you to schedule your inspection.

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