Palm Springs: 3.5 Earthquake Rattles the Region

Posted November 21, 2019, under Blog

Palm Springs residents were rocked Tuesday evening when a 3.5 magnitude earthquake occurred 7 miles from the city center.

The quake happened at 10:42 PM and struck along the east to southeast stretch of Anza.

Tuesday’s temblor was the largest quake of the recent earthquake swarm to rattle the region. In the past 10 days, there have been 7 earthquakes ranging in a 3.0 magnitude or larger in the area.

This, of course, isn’t news for Palm Springs or even California residents — on average there are roughly 234 earthquakes ranging in a 3.0 to 4.0 magnitude between our Golden State and Nevada every year.

Every earthquake we feel in California serves as another reminder of the imminent “Big One.” And as a California resident, you know it’s not a matter of “if” it will happen, as it is a “when” it will happen.

Therefore, if you live in California it’s necessary to be proactive about earthquake safety. And if you own a home or an apartment building in Los Angeles, it’s vital to have the property inspected for any necessary earthquake retrofits or seismic upgrades.

Earthquake retrofitting is the process of adding more resistance to an existing structure which helps strengthen weak connections and secure the property to its foundation.

Click here to see our 5 reasons to earthquake retrofit your home today.

In Los Angeles, a lot of properties were constructed before modern structural codes even existed … which means most homes need some sort of seismic retrofitting to comply with current building and safety standards.

When the “Big One” strikes, you’ll want to rest assured that your home – and those who reside there – will be safe from earthquake destruction and damage.

Homes and apartment structures lacking modern seismic upgrades are more likely to experience seismic failure during an earthquake. This means there’s a greater chance that the severe shaking from an earthquake will displace the building from its foundation or cause the structure to crack and collapse.

If you think you own a home or an apartment building that needs earthquake retrofitting, contact Julian Construction today.

You can schedule a free inspection with us, where we’ll send over one of our qualified foundation specialists to inspect and analyze the area in order to determine the best way to strengthen the building.

To schedule a free inspection with Julian Construction, click here or call us now at 877-407-3876. A representative will review the information you provide and contact you to schedule your inspection.

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