California: What We Can Learn From The Turkey Earthquake

Posted February 22, 2023, under Blog

The catastrophic earthquake that rocked Turkey earlier this month should serve as a wakeup call for all California residents and California policy makers. Like Turkey, California is an extremely seismically active region, with similar capabilities of producing mega-earthquakes. Which is why we wanted to share …

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California: Experts Warn of “Catastrophic Earthquake”

Posted February 7, 2023, under Blog

This week’s devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria highlighted just how violent and deadly a large quake can be. And if you live in an earthquake prone region – like California – now is the time to get serious about earthquake safety. California’s San Andreas …

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Turkey & Syria Hit by 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake, 2300 People Dead

Posted February 6, 2023, under Blog

On Monday, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rattled regions of the Middle East, with Turkey and Syria experiencing the brunt of the violent shaking. So far, Turkey has reported 1,500 deaths, while it’s estimated that 810 people have died in Syria. Officials are expecting those numbers …

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Malibu Rocked by 4.2 Magnitude Earthquake, Followed by Strong Aftershocks

Posted January 26, 2023, under Blog

Malibu residents were off to a shaky start early Wednesday morning when a 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck around 2:00 AM. The epicenter was located offshore just 16 kilometers south of Malibu Beach, and at a depth of 14 kilometers. A short three minutes later, the …

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The Northridge Earthquake – 29 Years Later

Posted January 19, 2023, under Blog

On January 17th, 1994, the infamous 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake rattled the Los Angeles region at 4:31 AM. The massive temblor lasted roughly 30 seconds, while several equally destructive aftershocks followed for days. The quake resulted in the death of 72 people and caused 9,000 …

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Strong Storms Continue to Slam California, Bringing Landslides, Sinkholes & Floods

Posted January 12, 2023, under Blog

This week, another string of strong storms slammed California. With sinkholes and floodwaters damaging towns throughout the state, and even resulting in the death of a young boy in San Luis Obispo County who was swept away by flood waters. Some 50,000 people were under …

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Southern California Storm Brings Heavy Rainfall, Dangerous Winds, & Flood Watch

Posted January 6, 2023, under Blog

Southern California residents were in for another week of severe weather, as a large storm moved through the region on Thursday. Heavy rainfall, flash flood concerns, and dangerous surf and winds wreaked havoc on the area, with thunderstorm and flood watch warnings issued by the …

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California Earthquake, 6.4 Magnitude Causes Widespread Damage

Posted December 23, 2022, under Blog

On Tuesday, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked Northern California causing widespread damage and resulting in 2 confirmed deaths. Occurring in Humboldt County, houses were shaken off of their foundations, pipes burst, and many first responders were left trapped at firehouses unable to respond to urgent …

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Drainage Problems: 5 Signs of a Faulty Drainage System

Posted December 20, 2022, under Blog

Drainage issues can cause an array of problems to your home’s interior and exterior. If you own a home, it’s important to know the waring signs of any drainage issues so they can be identified and repaired before serious damage is done. Check out our …

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