90 Year Anniversary of the Deadly Long Beach Earthquake

Posted March 9, 2023, under Blog

It’s been 90 years since the deadly earthquake that ravaged Long Beach and its residents.

On March 7th, 1933, a 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck Long Beach.  Lasting only 10 seconds, the quake resulted in the deaths of 120 people, collapsed 230 schools in the area, destroyed thousands of public buildings (like city halls, hospitals, theaters, and libraries), and damaged some 20,000 houses.

Though it’s considered to be the deadliest earthquake in California history, many refer to it as the “lucky one” since it occurred when most people were home from school and work. Had the quake occurred during the day, the number of fatalities – especially in children – could have been much higher.

“Auditoriums collapsed, walls were thrown down, and the very exits to safety were piled high with debris which, a few moments before, had been heavy parts of towers and ornamental entrances. It is sufficient to suggest the terrible consequences, had the same earthquake occurred a few hours earlier,” Caltech’s president, Robert A. Millikan, said to the L.A. Times about the infamous quake.

The majority of the buildings that collapsed to the ground were constructed of brick. And many of the deaths that occurred were from falling bricks.

“The 1925 Santa Barbara quake got people to start talking about building codes,” seismologist Lucy Jones explained, “but it was the 1933 quake that got us there.”

It was this earthquake that led to the implementation of the first rules requiring buildings be bolted to their foundations.

The anniversary of the deadly Long Beach earthquake should serve as a reminder of the importance of earthquake preparation, earthquake retrofitting, and earthquake safety.

Taking the proper precautions to prepare for a disaster will help keep you and your loved ones safe. If you live in an older home, earthquake retrofitting is a necessary safeguard that will help protect your property and those who reside there in face of a massive earthquake. And it will keep your home from sliding off of its foundation and collapsing (as we saw in Turkey).

If you think your home may be in need of earthquake retrofitting, foundation repair, or foundation replacement, contact Julian Construction today and we will send one of our foundation specialists out to conduct a free, thorough inspection with a quote for repair.

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