When You Need Foundation Replacement

Posted October 30, 2023, under Blog

As a homeowner in Southern California, it is essential to stay on top of all necessary repairs to your home. This is especially important when it comes to protecting and sustaining your home’s foundation. When a home’s foundation suffers mild to moderate damage or deterioration, …

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When You Need Foundation Repair

Posted October 10, 2023, under Blog

The foundation of your home is arguably the most important aspect of the structure. Over time, it can degrade and sustain damage, especially if older building methods were used or shoddy workmanship was done. If the foundation has been neglected, oftentimes total foundation replacement is …

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2.6 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Silver Lake

Posted October 10, 2023, under Blog

On Monday, a 2.6 earthquake rattled residents of the Silver Lake area. The quake struck at 9:00 AM at a depth of 7 miles. No damage or injuries were reported. It’s important to remember that Southern California is earthquake country, and any time there is …

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Remembering the Great Santa Barbara Earthquake

Posted September 25, 2023, under Blog

On June 29th, 1925 a massive 6.3 earthquake destroyed much of downtown Santa Barbara. The quake struck at 6:42 AM and claimed the lives of 13 people. The intense shaking left both of the twin towers of Mission Santa Barbara collapsed, while 85% of the …

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What We Can Learn From Massive Morocco Earthquake

Posted September 22, 2023, under Blog

The 6.8 earthquake that devastated Marrakech, Morocco earlier this month should serve as a major earthquake warning for California. To-date, there have been 2,900 deaths and 5,500 injuries, while countless people remain missing. The majority of the buildings that were severely damaged or destroyed in …

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Morocco Earthquake – Death Toll Tops 2,600 Amid 6.8 Temblor

Posted September 12, 2023, under Blog

Friday night, a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Marrakech, Morocco. The region – which is unaccustomed to earthquakes, especially of this size and power, experienced extreme devastation after the quake. Morocco’s Ministry of Interior estimates 300,000+ people have been affected by the quake, while the …

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Earthquake Swarm Rattles Ventura During Tropical Storm

Posted August 21, 2023, under Blog

It was an interesting weekend for residents of Southern California. In the midst of tropical storm Hilary making landfall, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck Ventura County, 4.3 miles southeast of Ojai. The large temblor rattled the region at 2:41 P.M. Seconds after the first one …

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Concrete Slab Foundation Repair and Replacement

Posted August 14, 2023, under Blog

If you’ve noticed signs of foundation damage around your home – especially in the form of interior and exterior wall and ceiling cracking – it may be time to replace your concrete slab foundation. While concrete slab foundations are an extremely popular and durable type …

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What to Expect with Foundation Replacement

Posted August 7, 2023, under Blog

If you’ve recently had your home inspected for earthquake retrofitting and/or foundation repair only to find out that you need a complete foundation replacement, you might be concerned about the time and the cost to fix this issue. Foundation replacement is a necessary structural repair …

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