Earthquake Swarm Rattles Ventura During Tropical Storm

Posted August 21, 2023, under Blog

It was an interesting weekend for residents of Southern California. In the midst of tropical storm Hilary making landfall, a 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck Ventura County, 4.3 miles southeast of Ojai.

The large temblor rattled the region at 2:41 P.M. Seconds after the first one struck, at least 17 aftershocks were reported in the area, ranging from 2.5 to 3.9 in magnitude.

Thankfully, LA Fire says there were no reports of injuries or severe damage due to the earthquake or the tropical storm. With the majority of reports citing downed power lines, toppled trees, and debris from Hilary.

Los Angeles’s resident seismologist Lucy Jones posted on X that the temblor was preceded by a swarm of foreshocks … and there remains a 5% chance that there could be an even bigger earthquake to come.

“This location is interesting to have it there,” Jones wrote. “This is first time we’ve had a 5 since 1932 in exactly this location, and even within the Ventura basin.”

“There is no correlation between the earthquake and the tropical storm,” she added. “Just a coincidence that is a good reminder that disaster resilience is a multi-hazard endeavor.”

And like the large earthquake in the Ventura basin, this is also the first time a tropical storm has made landfall in Southern California in quite some time. The last major event happened on September 25th, 1939, making landfall near Long Beach.

With two significant events rattling So.Cal, it’s important to stay vigilant about natural disaster preparedness.

If you own a home there are many important proactive measures you can take to protect your loved ones and your property from natural disasters.

Retrofitting homes, apartment structures, and commercial buildings are key to keeping California resilient in the face of earthquakes – and cost far less than repairing damage from a large seismic event.

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