Morocco Earthquake – Death Toll Tops 2,600 Amid 6.8 Temblor

Posted September 12, 2023, under Blog

Friday night, a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Marrakech, Morocco. The region – which is unaccustomed to earthquakes, especially of this size and power, experienced extreme devastation after the quake.

Morocco’s Ministry of Interior estimates 300,000+ people have been affected by the quake, while the death toll has risen to 2,681, with 2,502 injured.

“We were having dinner,” said Hamid Ben Henna (via CBS News). “I asked my son to bring a knife from the kitchen to cut the dessert, but he never did because as soon as he left the kitchen, the earthquake struck. He was buried in six feet of rubble.”

In addition to the widespread destruction of homes and commercial buildings, roads have been blocked by rockslides, making it nearly impossible to reach large portions of people stuck beneath their homes.

“We just couldn’t ever imagine something like this happening here really, It’s just been totally devastating,” said Helen Gallagher who emigrated to Morocco. “We’re just in survival mode and trying to get help out to the people who most need it, and we’ll process it afterwards.

With the tragic seismic event rattling the region of Morocco, it’s an important reminder that large earthquakes can strike anywhere and at any time.

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