Bay Area Earthquakes Rattle Unusual Area of San Andreas Fault

Posted October 17, 2019, under Blog

Tuesday’s 4.7 magnitude quake, just east of Monterey Bay, struck an unusual part of the San Andreas fault. Though no major damage was incurred, the earthquake was felt throughout the region and was followed by a 3.4 magnitude aftershock. Tuesday’s earthquake served as an important …

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Earthquake Retrofitting Explained: House Bolting, Foundation Bolting and Cripple Wall Bracing

Posted October 16, 2019, under Blog

Earthquake retrofitting is a must if you own an older home in Los Angeles. Earthquake retrofitting (sometimes called seismic retrofitting) is a reinforcement method that helps to keep your home secured to its foundation during a large earthquake. Most homes in Los Angeles, and throughout …

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The Definitive Guide to Foundation Repair

Posted September 19, 2019, under Blog

There’s always something that needs repair or replacement when you own a home. While it’s easy to put these things off, foundation repair is something you should never delay. If you’ve noticed foundation problems or warning signs in (or around) your home, waiting to get …

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A Guide to Soft Story Retrofitting in Los Angeles

Posted September 17, 2019, under Blog

You’ve probably heard the word soft story tossed around if you live in Los Angeles. A soft story building is a common structure in Los Angeles that is categorized as a multi-unit property that was built with a weak or vulnerable first floor. These first …

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Researchers Find Active Fault Line Along L.A. Coast That Could Devastate Los Angeles

Posted September 11, 2019, under Blog

A once-believed dormant Los Angeles fault was just discovered along the coast, with the capabilities of producing a massive 6.4 magnitude earthquake if ruptured. Researchers from Harvard, the University of Southern California and the U.S. Geological Survey have been analyzing the fault line for years, …

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Does Your Building Need Seismic Upgrades? Here’s How to Tell

Posted August 27, 2019, under Blog

In California, seismic upgrades are required for residential multi-unit structures and commercial buildings that do not meet specific safety standards. If you own an apartment or commercial building in California that could be lacking modern seismic upgrades and reinforcements, it’s important to know if your …

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New Research Shows Large Earthquakes Preceded by Smaller Ones

Posted August 22, 2019, under Blog

According to new research, seismologists have found that the majority of larger earthquakes are preceded by clusters of smaller quakes. “One of the biggest questions in earthquake seismology is how earthquakes get started,” the study’s lead author, Daniel Trugman, seismologist at Los Alamos National Laboratory …

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ShakeAlertLA Getting New Updates After Failing to Notify Residents of Shaking

Posted August 15, 2019, under Blog

The Los Angeles earthquake notification app, ShakeAlertLA, is getting some much-needed updates. The app, which was developed by Mayor Eric Garcetti and the U.S. geological Survey, failed to notify Los Angeles residents of the Fourth of July earthquake (and the subsequent quakes that followed). ShakeAlertLA, …

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State Officials Urging So Cal Homeowners to Earthquake Retrofit Their Homes

Posted August 7, 2019, under Blog

State officials are urging Southern California homeowners to earthquake retrofit their homes and to get earthquake insurance. In light of the recent spike in large-magnitude earthquakes, state officials and residents alike are taking proactive measures to protect their communities and their properties. “Retrofitting your home …

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