65 People Dead After 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Southwestern China

Posted September 7, 2022, under Blog

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake occurred in the Sichuan province of China on Monday, killing 65 people. Some 248 people are still missing, and 12 people have been injured – the quake also trigged massive landslides from nearby mountains.

Communication lines were severed after the intense shaking, and many roads were blocked, and homes destroyed.

Panicked residents – who are currently under lockdown for COVID-19 — were seen running out of their high-rise apartment structures after receiving an earthquake alert on their phones.

“There were many people who were so terrified they started crying,” Laura Luo, an international PR consultant, told news agency Reuters (via BBC).

The large temblor reminded residents of the 8.0 magnitude quake that hit the area in 2008 and killed 70,000 people while causing widespread destruction and chaos.

The devastating temblor highlights just how dangerous large earthquakes can be.

According to recent data, California’s San Andreas fault line is not only overdue for a large earthquake, it’s capable of producing a quake of up to a 8.3 magnitude.

On average, the San Andreas fault has had a large earthquake occurring along it every 150 years … and it’s been 200 years since the last big shaker.

Seismologists predict that when the “Big One” strikes, it will most likely be in the 7.8 magnitude range and rupture along a 200 mile stretch of the San Andreas, from the southern end of the fault, affecting areas from Palm Springs to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between.

Homes and buildings constructed before 1980 are lacking the modern safeguards to prevent serious damage and destruction during a large earthquake.

If you live in any area that is prone to earthquakes – like Southern California – earthquake retrofitting isn’t just recommended, it’s a necessary home repair to protect your loved ones and your property during intense seismic activity.

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