Julian Construction Explains Why You May Need a Caisson Foundation for Your Hillside Property

Posted February 5, 2017, under Blog

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, Inc., (www.julianconstruction.com), a foundation repair and construction company in Los Angeles, explains why hillside properties will often need a special type of foundation called a caisson foundation. Julian De La Torre, founder, and owner of Julian Construction explains “The foundation …

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JulianConstruction.com: Storms Can Cause Foundation Damage

Posted February 5, 2017, under Blog

Rain can seriously damage a home’s foundation. If it enters the crawl space, it can cause the wood to warp and decay. Water can also cause the soil near a foundation to expand and contract. When the soil’s moisture content increases, it will start pressing …

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Homes Red-Tagged In Hollywood Hills After Landslide, Highlights Importance of Strong Foundation

Posted February 1, 2017, under Blog

Two homes were red-tagged in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday after suffering a significant landslide. One property lost a large part of its backyard after it fell down a hillside. Other homes in the area have been evacuated as a precaution. A spokesperson for the …

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