What to Expect When Undergoing Total Foundation Replacement

Posted January 25, 2021, under Blog

Is your home in need of total foundation replacement?

While the idea of a total foundation replacement to your home may sound overwhelming, it’s actually a great thing in the long run.

Total foundation replacement will ensure that you won’t have to worry about any foundation damage or repairs for years to come – it gives your home the fresh start (and the extra support) it needs to last for decades without the need of repair.

If you think your home may require a new foundation, the first step is to schedule an inspection with a foundation repair company. At Julian Construction, we’ll send over one of our qualified inspectors to check out the property and provide you with our detailed analysis and a quote for repair.

If foundation repair is not an option because the foundation is far too deteriorated, we’ll offer a quote for foundation replacement.

During the foundation replacement process, the house will be shored up and the old foundation will be broken down and removed. Once this has been completed, new concrete is poured to create the new foundation. Once the concrete has been poured, it is given time to dry and “cure” before the house is settled back into place.

It’s extremely important that when undergoing total foundation replacement, that you go with an experienced and trusted company.

The home’s foundation is the most important part of the structure – it’s what supports the entire weight of the house.

Luckily, you can rest assured that when you work with Julian Construction, your home will be properly cared for. That’s because we’ve been working on foundations – repairing, removing and replacing them – for over 30 years.

If you think your home may be in need of foundation replacement or repair, you’ll want to check for the following warning signs:

  • Visible cracks in the ceilings, walls and/or floors.
  • Ceilings and walls that pull away from each other.
  • Sloping or sagging floors.
  • Bowing or leaning walls.

Especially as a homeowner in California, it is essential to have your foundation in tip top shape. A weakened, outdated, or unreinforced foundation can lead to severe structural damage and even complete destruction in the event of a large earthquake.

Typically, the leading sources of foundation damage are caused by poorly compacted soil, substandard building materials (such as brick, river rock or stone), an increased exposure to heat, water, humidity or frost, or shoddy construction/workmanship.

Contact us today to set up your free home inspection!

We have extensive experience serving our Los Angeles community and nearby regions.

Julian Construction was formed in 1994 and our focus has always been on building foundations, doing foundation repair and replacement, earthquake retrofitting, and house leveling.

When you work with Julian Construction, you get the principles of the company and the workers of Julian Construction under your home.

And in order to keep foundation repair and foundation replacement affordable for our customers, we offer a price guarantee — because we know our quote for repair will represent your very best value.

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