What Causes Foundation Problems?

Posted March 12, 2019, under Blog

Foundation problems tend to occur over time. Natural elements, age, and the materials used can cause a home’s foundation to eventually weaken.

Sometimes it’s the soil conditions, the humidity in the air, the year the house was built or poor construction that can upset the integrity of a home’s foundation structure.

Some of the most common foundation problems are created by:

  • Poor drainage
  • Weak or poorly installed rain gutters
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Water saturation
  • Poor soil conditions

Luckily, there are many warning signs that will indicate a structure may be suffering from foundation problems.

Some of those warning signs include cracks in the interior or exterior of the home, sloping floors, cracks in the bricks or concrete that appears to be falling off, and doors or windows that seem to stick, can all indicate there are issues with the property’s foundation.

Like many things in life, the sooner you can have your foundation inspected, assessed and repaired, the less extreme the damage will be, lowering the cost of repair.

The level of repairs needed will depend on the type of foundation damage the home has suffered. In less severe cases, a foundation can be repaired with additional reinforcement. In extreme cases, a home may need a completely new foundation.

In typical foundation stabilization cases, a foundation repair company will use the following tactics to add additional support to your existing foundation.

  • Helical piles: These work well for stabilizing foundations with saturated soils or lightweight structures.
  • Steel Piles: For foundations that sit atop rocky or clay-like soils, steel piles may be used to reinforce the structure.
  • Slab brackets: Concrete foundations with failing slabs of concrete typically require slab brackets in addition to helical piles.

If you think your home may be suffering from foundation problems, it’s important to get the property inspected as soon as possible. Foundation problems – left unrepaired – will worsen over time and will lower the value of your home.

Hiring a trusted foundation repair company, like Julian Construction, will insure that you and those who live in your home remain safe (especially in an earthquake), it will prevent your foundation problems from getting worse, cut down on future costs and expenses, and help the resale value of your home.

Julian De La Torre is an expert in Los Angeles foundation inspection, foundation contractors and foundation repair. Julian’s company, Julian Construction, has inspected over 15,000 structures, working with engineering firms and local departments of building & safety. The company has done more foundation repair in Los Angeles than any other company in the area over the last five years.

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