Sloping Floors and Foundation Issues

Posted November 29, 2018, under Blog

There are several issues that can cause sloping floors in your home.

Sloping floors are typically a sign of foundation issues. Foundation issues are common in older homes that have been constructed with weak foundations or properties that have been built on poorly compacted soil.

Sloping can occur when a home’s foundation has settled at an uneven rate. When a foundation has settled disproportionately, this means the structure has shifted downward, past its original position on the ground, which can trigger the soil to shift or become compacted, and cause the house to slope.

If you’ve noticed sloping floors in your home, there may be issues with deteriorating wood supports, improperly installed joists, changes in the level of moisture in the soil beneath the property and other foundation issues.

While some homeowners will leave issues with sloping or sagging floors unchecked and uncorrected, these issues should be professionally evaluated by a structural engineer or a foundation repair company to ensure that there are no safety issues with the property.

Once you have had the property examined, and if it comes to light that your sloping floors have compromised the structural integrity of the property, it’s crucial to have your foundation inspected by a foundation repair company and repaired right away.

“An uneven floor is a big warning light. It’s not the floor that’s the problem, it’s the foundation problems unseen beneath it that cause the slope. If the foundation is damaged, and if it isn’t noticed early, then the repair is much more costly potentially. To prevent that and to ensure the safety of all a building’s occupants, we urge homeowners to get an inspection to see if floor leveling is needed,” says Julian Construction founder Julian De La Torre.

When foundation issues have been diagnosed as the root of a home’s sloping floors, a foundation repair company – like Julian Construction – will determine a plan of action for repairing any structural issues with the house, whether that involves lifting floor joists, installing additional supports, or replacing the entire foundation.

At Julian Construction, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your home foundation is repaired, and that your sloping floors are fixed correctly.

If you’ve noticed any signs of foundation damage such as sloping or uneven floors, cracks in your walls or doors and windows that stick, contact Julian Construction to schedule your free inspection.

Julian Construction has inspected over 30,000 structures, working with engineering firms and local departments of building & safety. The company has done more foundation repair and earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles than any other company in the area over the last five years.

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