Los Angeles County Rocked by 4.5 Magnitude Earthquake

Posted September 22, 2020, under Blog

Los Angeles residents were awakened by a 4.5 magnitude earthquake late Friday night, with nearby regions in Southern California also affected by the shaking.

The epicenter occurred near South Pasadena, with the quake creating a sharp shake and jolt. The earthquake was centered near the same place as the 1987 Whittier Narrows quake, which was a 5.9 in magnitude. That temblor caused roughly $200 million in damage and caused several deaths in the region.

The area is known for its seismic activity, though — in 2014 there was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake on the Puente Hills thrust which left about 100 residents displaced from their homes.

This particular fault line is concerning for Los Angeles, since it runs under many of Downtown L.A.’s skyscrapers … some of which haven’t been properly retrofitted.

In fact, seismologists predict a 7.5 or greater magnitude earthquake could do more damage to Downtown Los Angeles than a sizable earthquake along the San Andreas fault.

Luckily, Friday’s shaker didn’t cause any major damage and no deaths or injuries were reported.

The seismic event highlights the importance of earthquake preparation and safety if you live in Los Angeles.

And if you own a home in L.A., one of the best ways to protect your loved ones and your property is with earthquake retrofitting. Earthquake retrofitting is a cost-effective repair method that strengthens the existing foundation of your home by adding additional support and hardware — it’s the only way to ensure your home can withstand the violent shaking of a large earthquake.

If you think your home may be in need of earthquake retrofitting, it’s important to get the property inspected as soon as possible.

When you work with Julian Construction, we’ll send one of our skilled foundation inspectors to evaluate the structure of the building and determine the most effective and cost-efficient solution for retrofitting your home.

And in order to keep earthquake retrofitting affordable for our customers, we offer a price guarantee — because we know our quote for repair will represent your very best value.

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