Julian Construction Offers Soft-Story Retrofitting in Los Angeles

Posted October 30, 2015, under Blog

Los Angeles Makes Soft Story Retrofitting Mandatory for Wood-Frame Structures

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, Inc. (www.julianconstruction.com), a foundation construction and foundation repair company in the Los Angeles area, is now offering soft-story building retrofitting, which is now mandatory for wood-frame soft story buildings within the city of Los Angeles.

A soft-story building is a multi-story structure where the ground floor has unsupported floors above it, due to a wide front window or other wide section of the second floor with no supporting beam under it. The most common type of soft-story building is an apartment building built with the second story over an open parking area. Other types include retail businesses with large windows, as well as multi-level commercial structures with floors that have large spaces, windows and doors. Soft-story buildings are much more likely to collapse during an earthquake, and so are especially dangerous in areas of high seismic activity like Los Angeles.

The City of Los Angeles recently passed an Ordinance requiring the retrofit of all wood-frame Soft-Story buildings

If you own a soft-story building- especially an older wood-frame building, contact a local construction company to schedule an inspection consultation. The structural stability of your building and the safety of its occupants and users is extremely important, especially in areas of high seismic activity like Los Angeles.

Julian De La Torre, founder and owner of Julian Construction, stated: “No two soft-story retrofitting projects are the same and so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Ideally, we consider several factors to determine the best way to approach the project to get the building to meet the structural standards of retrofitted soft-story buildings, while also having a minimal impact on the function and use of the building. We see these kinds of soft story buildings every day. Fortunately much more is known about the risks involved with this type of design now, so buildings today are built much more securely. But with older buildings, it is important to know the risks involved with soft story structural issues.”

Julian Construction owns its own company and is built on a “no middlemen” model – no salesmen, no subcontractors. When you work with Julian Construction you get the principals of the company and workers of Julian Construction under your home. The result is the highest quality work at affordable prices. They can be contacted by phone at 323 733-3377, by fax at 323 733-4477 or via their website, www.julianconstruction.com. You can see tips and advice about home foundations on their blog.

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