House Leveling Tips

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When a home starts to sink in one or more places, it can cause a myriad of problems, including wall cracks, slopping floor and doors or windows that won’t shut properly. Depending on the severity of the issue, your house may even appear unlevel when you view it from the outside.

house leveling tips

Foundation settlement occurs for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, it is the result of changes in the soil beneath and around the structure. This can include a home that is built on soil that can’t support the building’s weight (weak bearing soil) or fill soil that wasn’t compressed sufficiently before the foundation was put in place.

Changes in the amount of moisture within the soil can also lead to settlement. As the moisture content increases, the soil will expand. When the moisture content decreases, the soil will start to dry and contract. The shrinkage creates spaces for foundation settlement.

Trees and other foliage growing near a structure can cause similar contraction problems when expanding root systems begin pulling water from the soil.

Foundation settlement can be fixed through a process known as house leveling, which restores the structure to its original level position.

There are several ways to level a home, including installing concrete pilings, pressed piling, helical piers, drilled bell piers and steel push piers.

Homes needing concrete foundation repair can also be repaired with mudjacking, a technique that involves lifting a sunken slab by pumping a mixture of “mud” underneath the foundation and pushing it up.

The entire weight of your home sits on its foundation, which is why keeping your foundation in good shape is so important. If you notice any signs of settlement, get help from an experienced foundation contractor. A professional will know how to correct the situation and address the root of the problem.

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