Earthquake Shakes Orange County, Felt Throughout Southern California

Posted May 28, 2021, under Blog

Thursday evening, a 2.6 magnitude earthquake rattled residents of Orange County. The quake was centered just 2.5 miles east of Anaheim, with reports of shaking in Anaheim, Orange County, Newport Beach, Santa Monica, and Palos Verdes.

Occurring at 5:07 PM, the USGS reported the temblor at a depth of 3.3 miles with an intensity of a level 4 – meaning there was light shaking and no damage that occurred.

While the quake was on the smaller side, it’s a reminder that the “Big One” can strike at any time.

In fact, according to new research out of San Jose earlier this month, scientists concluded we’re about 80 years past due for having a large quake on the southern section of the San Andreas fault line. And that same section of the fault has had a higher slip rate than recorded before.

So, what does that mean? It means the San Andreas fault line is even more active than scientists previously believed.

“For the San Andreas, everything towards the west is moving north and everything east is moving south,” said Roland Burgmann, a seismologist at the University of California, Berkeley about the new findings.

If you own a home in or around Los Angeles, it’s important to have the property inspected for earthquake retrofits.

Most older homes built in Los Angeles, especially those before 1985, are lacking the modern structural reinforcements to withstand the shaking from a large earthquake.

Luckily, earthquake retrofitting is a cost-effective solution that can reinforce a home’s existing foundation by adding extra hardware to make it more resistant to sliding off its foundation during an earthquake.

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