Concrete Slab Foundation for Homes

Posted August 29, 2016, under Blog

Since 2013, a little over half of the new homes built across the nation have been constructed with a slab foundation. A slab foundation is a concrete foundation poured onto a prepared surface. It is usually several inches thick. Slab foundations are more commonly found in warmer climates. They are also used for structures built on clay soil.

slab foundation

Compared to the cost of other types of foundations, they are relatively inexpensive. They also serve as the building’s floor and can help prevent pests for getting under and into the building.

Many slab foundations are constructed using footings – thickened areas of slab placed on load bearing walls. The footing is often wider than the base of the foundation. It is also reinforced with steel. The footings help transfer the building’s load to the foundation and distribute its weight.

Soil and climate are some of the key factors that determine where a foundation with footings is built. In regions where the ground freezes, the footing are put in place first, followed by the building’s walls and finally, the slab itself.

In places where the ground doesn’t freeze, a slab-on-grade foundation is used. The slab-on-grade foundation is poured all at once, usually over gravel. Slab edges are thicker than the inside of the slab, and there is no space between the slab and the ground.

Stem walls are also used when building slab foundations. The walls, which are usually made of cinder blocks, connect the foundation to the structure’s vertical walls.

Before a slab foundation can be poured, the ground underneath it needs to be leveled (also called grading). A slight slope will be created to make sure water drains away from the building.

Does your slab foundation need to be repaired? Cracks and other foundation damage can cause structural weakness. If you’re concerned about your slab foundation, give us a call and we will do a foundation inspection for free.

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