225 People Dead After 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Central Mexico

Posted September 20, 2017, under Blog

Just outside of Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the area on Tuesday.

The massive temblor collapsed 27 buildings throughout the capital, which took the brunt of the damage.

So far, 225 people have died due to the destruction (and that number keeps rising), with the majority of the deaths reported from Morelos and Mexico States, and Mexico City.

This is the second 7+ magnitude earthquake to strike Mexico in just two weeks, with the latest one falling on the anniversary of Mexico’s destructive tremor of 1985.

Not only was the earthquake massive in size, it was also superficial, occurring just 51 km below ground. The more shallow an earthquake is, the more destructive it tends to be.

President Pena Nieto told Mexico’s citizens, “We are facing a new national emergency.”

Many took to social media to share footage of the quake. “Thank you, God, for keeping us safe once again. We got to experience another terrible #earthquake, this time during a location scout,” Los Angeles TV Producer Ricardo Ramos shared with a scary video of the shaking.

Just over one week ago, Mexico experienced an 8.1 magnitude earthquake off their southern coast, which killed 90 people.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to be proactive about earthquake preparation and safety.

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