2017 Homeowner Registration For Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program Now Open For Enrollment

Posted January 30, 2017, under Blog

Big news, Angelinos. The Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) program is now open for enrollment for Los Angeles homeowners living in 90018 and 90019 zip codes.

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The Brace + Bolt program is giving grants for “building-code-compliant” seismic retrofits. Specifically, retrofits that strengthen older homes to prevent properties from sliding and collapsing during an earthquake.

Homeowners who proactively reinforce their homes, by having their foundation strengthened and/or repaired, can receive up to $3,000 in reimbursement from the EBB program.

While typical contractors charge around $3,000-$7,000 for retrofit work, EBB will cover almost the entire cost if you qualify for the grant.

Julian Construction, Inc., a foundation repair and construction company in Los Angeles, specializes in this type of retrofit.

Many older homes in Los Angeles are outfitted with a short wood framed wall — also known as “cripple wall” — which needs to be strengthened to prevent the house from sliding or falling off of its foundation in the event of an earthquake.

Under the EBB program, the crawl space below your home needs to be bolted, braced and strapped, in order to receive the grant.

During the retrofit, anchor bolts and still plates are installed into the crawl space, between the wood framing and the concrete foundation, to keep the property from sliding during an earthquake.

Next, the cripple walls are braced with plywood to keep the home from falling off the foundation during a disaster. Bracing the cripple walls will also protect the property from collapsing.

Finally, the home’s water heater is strapped and braced properly. This is done to decrease the likelihood of water and fire damage in the event of a massive earthquake.

Your home should be inspected and most likely retrofitted under any of these circumstances: If it was built before 1979, if it sits on a level or a low slope, if it has a cripple wall under the first floor (also if it was constructed with a cripple wall between 4-feet and 7-feet) or if it has a raised foundation.

You can register with EBB from January 25 through February 27 for your chance to receive a credit of up to $3,000 for for your retrofit work.

Click HERE to register your home today and contact Julian Construction for all of your retrofitting and foundation repair needs.

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