Foundation Problems In Winter

By Shawn Kyles Cold weather can crack foundations, which can allow water to enter the structure. Water is a foundation’s biggest enemy. When it permeates a structure, it can cause more cracks and many other types of damage. Foundations can crack in cold weather even if the temperature is above […] Read more »

Julian Construction Inc. Celebrates Their 13th Anniversary

Foundation Construction Company Reflects On Their Accomplishments Over The Last 13 Years LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction Inc. ( celebrates their 13th anniversary this year in the foundation repair and foundation construction business. On this occasion they take a moment to look at their company objectives in these past years. […] Read more »

Julian Construction Gives Tips on How to Strengthen Your Home Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, ( a foundation repair and construction company in Southern California, recently offered tips to the public on how to strengthen their home foundations. Partner Sean Kyles says that if certain precautions are taken, the home will be much more likely to withstand the next big […] Read more »

How To Strengthen Your Home’s Foundation

By Shawn Kyles There can be many reasons why your home’s foundation may need to be strengthened, including: * The foundation has shifted or moved due to earthquakes * Soil has eroded beneath or around the foundation, causing cracks, sloping or sinking * You want to add a second story […] Read more »

Construction Expert Says Prepare for Next Big Quake

California Residents Should Be Ready for the Next Major Earthquake Says Expert LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, ( a construction and foundation construction and repair company in Southern California, recently announced to the public that they need to be better prepared for the next big earthquake in California. Shawn Kyles, […] Read more »