Homes With Neglected Repairs Could Be Structurally Unsound

Homeowners Putting Off Inspection and Repair Can Contribute to Worsening Damage LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, Inc. ( a Los Angeles based foundation inspection and foundation repair company, raised concerns over homeowners putting off regular inspection and repair of foundation damage and other structural situations. The company has noted a […] Read more »

Older Roofs Require Inspection to Remain Structurally Sound

Construction Company Gives Tips to Recognize Signs of Roof Deterioration LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, Inc. ( a foundation repair and general contractor construction company in Southern California, recently released their findings regarding roof damage and deterioration. The company seeks to help homeowners prevent roof damage and recognize the signs […] Read more »

Signs of Roof Damage

by Shawn Kyles Julian Construction Keeping your roof in good repair is an important home maintenance task. A damaged roof can result in leaks that cause interior damage to your walls and cause the need for foundation repair. Signs of roof damage can include a sagging roof, cracking paint, wet […] Read more »