Sloping Uneven Floors A Serious Issue In Southern California

Foundation Experts Warn of Issues With Uneven or Sloping Floors In California LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction Inc., (, a foundation repair and foundation construction specialist company in Southern California, has done some research into the issue of sloping, uneven floors in Southern California. The company found serious possibilities of […] Read more »

Julian Construction Gives Solutions To Cracked Foundations And Walls

Construction Company Compares Different Methods Of Repair For Horizontal Cracks LOS ANGELES, CA: Julian Construction, Inc., ( a construction and foundation repair company in the Los Angeles area, has published an article on how to deal with cracks in walls and floors, and the problems presented by allowing these issues […] Read more »

Installing Drywalls

by Shawn Kyles Drywall was invented by the U. S. Gypsum Company in 1916, which still exists today and remains one of the top producers of the product. It was first sold as fireproof tiles before being sold as a single layer of gypsum in between two sheets of heavy […] Read more »